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St Clement's High School

Careers/Apprenticeship Opportunities


Rationale for Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)

CEIAG makes a valuable contribution in the preparation of students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life by enabling them to make informed choices for post 16 education and training facilitating a successful transition from mainstream education to further education and employment. Key student outcomes:

  • Supported to achieve their full potential
  • Empowered to plan and manage their futures
  • Provided with comprehensive information on all options
  • Aspirations raised
  • Equality, diversity and social mobility promoted and stereotypes challenged
  • Enabled to access Post 16 opportunities that will allow them to sustain employability and achieve personal and economic wellbeing throughout their lives

Purpose of Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)

St Clement’s High School is committed to the provision of career learning and development enabling it to fulfil its statutory obligations and meet the eight Gatsby Benhcmarks. It supports the school’s overall vision and is linked to the Whole School Development Plan. Governors and senior leaders have a key role in developing and approving the policy and this process ensures a high profile and a secure place for CEIAG within the school curriculum. As a school we plan to fully meet the eight Gatsby Benchmarks by July 2020.

Commitment of Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)

St Clement’s High School is committed to providing all students a comprehensive, planned programme of careers based education activities and experiences throughout their whole school life. Year 8 and Year 11, being key transition points, provide opportunities to access impartial information, advice and guidance to enable informed choices to be made, To maximise the benefits for the students, St Clement’s is committed to a whole school approach involving parents, carers, external providers, employers and other local agencies.

Careers Leader: Ms S. Wagstaff

Careers leaders are responsible and accountable for the planning and delivery of the agreed school programmes. This role works closely with our Head of KS3 and Head of Year 11 to ensure effective provision across all year groups. All parents and carers are able to contact Ms. Wagstaff directly on the email

Career Plans

St Clement’s Career’s Plan

The challenges that our school leavers face are more complex and challenging than those faced by previous generations. Research conducted by Central YMCA have listed the top two as being

  1. Lack of employment opportunities
  2. Failure to succeed in the education system

Previous eras have focussed on the need for creativity to build futures in the advertising and marketing sectors which were seen as the high flyers, the future now lies within the world of maths and science with the increasing replacement of jobs by AI. This was highlighted by the Government push in 2014, launching the “Your Life” Campaign to improve engagement in STEM subjects in order to prepare for the changing future.

Careers advice and guidance plays a crucial part in the preparation of young people who are facing an uncertain and ever changing future and job market. In addition to strong academic skills they need to be able to develop a portfolio of employability skills, these include, confidence, communication, self presentation and marketing, your ability to stand out from the crowd, the use of new digital and analytical skills including the ever changing social media.

Qualifications are undergoing a period of change, this is not just within schools and colleges, this extends to degrees and beyond with the introduction of degree apprenticeships associated to international employers enabling study and progression to be world wide. Thus the need for good quality careers education, information, advice and guidance. The St Clement’s High School Careers Plan sets out how it intends to provide a robust and comprehensive programme to enable all students to access the quality of information required for them to maximise their potential.

The plan outlines how we will inspire students and furnish them with the knowledge and opportunity to grasp the opportunity and take ownership of their future by building action plans and supporting their growth and development on their journey to their chosen career.

This plan will integrate with the West Norfolk Academies Trust corporate plan which sets out the scope of Careers, Information Advice and Guidance across the trust including its primary provision, enabling inspiration for careers to be developed in the early years.

The careers plan is based on the Gatsby Benchmarks and aims to deliver a coherent, integrated programme that is supportive through the education of each student and prepares them for their post 16 choices enabling them to build and manage their future. It is our duty to ensure that all students receive professional, independent and impartial information, advice and guidance regarding all options for their time within and on leaving mainstream education and how their choices affect their future.

By helping students to make informed decisions at all the crucial stages, informing them of their options and introducing them to the world of work we aim to empower them to succeed in whatever path they choose.

We aim to maintain and build new links with our Enterprise Co-Ordinator, Advisor Networks, Further Education and Higher Education providers and a network of employers so that each year group can benefit from meaningful education and employer engagement. This aims to improve social mobility within our student population and move away from stereotypical careers advice.

Individual Year Plans - please click on the links to view:

Post 16 Options 

Please click on the links below for further information on the options available:

What's your next move - Post 16 Options


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Careers and Apprenticeships

Year 10 Parents’ and Carers’ Pack Apprenticeship Information

Careers and Apprenticeship  opportunities can be viewed on the HelpYouChoose website ( and also on the Archant Jobs24 site ( – look under Job Search by Type: All Apprentice Jobs.