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St Clement's High School

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  • Year 6 Open Events

    Published 10/09/21

    We are pleased to announce our open events for year 6 students

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    Published 12/08/21

    Students at St Clement’s High School celebrated excellent GCSE results today.

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  • Overwhelming response to summer COVID catch up

    Published 10/08/21

    It was back to school for James Wild as he visited our school last week and found classrooms full of students even though it’s the summer holiday.

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  • Impressive horsepower for prom night transport

    Published 23/07/21

    Horsepower from four legs to four-wheel drive was called into action to transport our students to their prom night.

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  • Students skip into summer challenge

    Published 20/07/21

    Our school has taken a novel approach to helping students increase their wellbeing over the summer break.


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  • High Sheriff Visits Our school

    Published 17/07/21

    Students, teachers and school staff at our school were delighted to welcome a very special visitor through the gates during the last few days of term.

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  • Fun run for QEH

    Published 14/07/21

    Our pupils and staff took part in a charity fun run last week to raise money for The Queen Elizabeth Hospital King's Lynn’s COVID-19 Support Fund.

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  • Autumn 2021 exam series

    Published 12/07/21

    Guidance Notice

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  • GCSE Results Day

    Published 12/07/21

    Thursday 12th August 2021

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  • The WNAT Fun Run - Friday 9th July

    Published 21/06/21

    We need your help....

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  • Virtual masterclasses to help our students make the right A Level choices​​​​​​​

    Published 25/03/21

    Springwood Sixth Form - where many of our students go to after their GCSEs - has relaunched its masterclass programme to help potential students get a taste of A Level tuition at the school's Sixth Form.

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  • WNAT Easter Challenge…

    Published 22/03/21

    Be a good Egg!

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