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St Clement's High School

Student Achievement

At St Clement's High School we recognise that students can achieve in lots of different ways.  Students can gain achievement point for in variety of ways, including;

  • good attendance (96-100%)
  • good attitude to learning,
  • exceptional contributions in class,
  • exceptional classwork,
  • exceptional homework
  • exceptional academic performance
  • exceptional progress,
  • exceptional contribution to extra-curricular activities
  • exceptional citizen

Achievement points are an individual reward, but each half term these are added together to compare tutor groups and house points in our celebration assemblies. 

At St Clement's, points mean prizes and students wear bronze, silver, gold and platinum badges with pride on their jumpers, ties or blazers. On visiting the School or meeting students, if you see any students wearing a gold or platinum badge, please do take the time to congratulate them on their hard work and dedication.