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St Clement's High School

Reporting and Assessment

Subject teachers monitor students' progress continuously through classwork, homework and assessment tasks. A lot of importance if placed on accurate feedback, either verbally or written with students so they know what their next steps are to improve. In class, teachers will inform students of their progress by discussing their working at grades, but will report at the end of each term how the students are achieving against predicted band grade, which will be awarded when they finish their GCSE. 

Reports are submitted termly, each half term teachers will report on students ATL grade (Attitude to Learning), this takes into account their contribution in lessons, effort towards classwork, submission of homework and the ability to work towards a deadline.  Each full term teachers will report against a students predicted band grade.  This helps parents and students know what the teachers believe they will leave year 11 gaining. New this year, we have also introduced a RAG system, to help parents identify with ease if their son/daughter is below, on or above target.  All students in Key Stage Three will complete their GCSEs and be awarded a band unlike currently where students are awarded a grade.  At St Clement’s High School we value both a student’s progress and attainment and work hard to ensure every student achieves their best.

 Each student’s end of Key Stage band target is reported in their planner, to give a constant reminder of what they should strive to achieve. If a student is falling behind, parents/carers are contacted to discuss possible strategies to support their improvement. Of course, if a parent/carer is concerned that their child is falling behind they are welcome to contact the school to discuss the matter too. If a subject teacher feels it would be appropriate to move a student to a different set they will also contact parents/carers to explain this.