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St Clement's High School

Pastoral Care

The concept of pastoral care can be simply summarised as the care and well-being of each child.  At St Clement’s High School, we want to ensure an outstanding climate for learning through supportive pastoral care which complements our academic and co-curricular offer.

It is important that our young people feel happy, supported and cared for in order to achieve their best in the classroom. We believe that our Pastoral System provides the support and guidance that students need at each stage of their educational journey at St Clements, from Year 6 transitioning into Year 7 right the way through to Year 11 and preparing for the next stage of their journey.

Form Tutors

Each morning students begin their day with their Form Tutor for Registration. This daily time is spent either in Assembly or following our tutor programme during which tutors and students build a positive relationship - ordinarily, a student’s form tutor will stay with them as they progress through Years 7 to 11.

Form Tutors monitor student planners, school uniform and attendance as well as discussing behaviour and attendance (both positive and negative) with the members of their form group.

Pastoral Team

From Transition through to Year 11, our students are supported in a caring capacity through our experienced Pastoral Officers, Behaviour Manger and Attendance Officer. These key members of staff are the first point of contact for both parents and students - it is to these members of staff that students and parents/carers can initially turn if they have a problem or worry.

The Pastoral Team are non-teaching members of staff, enabling them to be available to students, parents and external agencies at any time during the school day. They monitor student wellbeing whilst also ensuring academic progress.

Each Key stage has a designated pastoral worker who works alongside parents, students and external agencies to provide a constant source of support for each individual child. The Behaviour Manager and Attendance Officer work with all students and families from all year groups.

From worries such as forgetting a lunchbox through to an academic meeting our pastoral team are here to support you.

Mrs E Cawston – Pastoral Support Officer for Transition and Years 7 

Tel: 01553 825919

Mrs R Fisher - Pastoral Support Officer Year 8 and 9 

Tel: 01553 825910

Mrs K Street – Pastoral Support Officer for Years 10 and 11 

Tel: 01553 825930

Mrs K.Rye - Attendance Officer 

Tel: 01553 828648 Extension 217

Assistant Headteachers

Our two Assistant Headteachers (AHTs) are each responsible for overseeing the curriculum and pastoral support for one Key Stage.

Mrs Towle has responsibility for Key Stage Three (Years 7-9)

Mr Feaviour has responsibility for Key Stage Four (Years 10 and 11)

Each AHT is responsible for the team of form tutors for each year group within their Key Stage ensuring that high standards are kept within the team. They also have an overview of the progress made by all students within their key stage of responsibility. If it is felt that additional support is needed for specific students, this is then implemented in association with relevant external agencies and/or internal school staff.

External Support

As well as members of St Clement’s High School staff, we also have support from external agencies, who offer support to students that need extra help with a specific focus; they also work with the students’ families if it is felt necessary.

These professionals include general counsellors, bereavement counsellors, social workers and many others, who are specialists in their fields, and can offer more tailored support.

Students and/or parents can request to see one of our external partners via the Pastoral Managers.