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St Clement's High School

Student Council

At St Clement's we are very keen to hear students' views. The student council provides an excellent opportunity for students to be involved in the running of the school and helps prepare them to play an active role in a democratic society.

We have a busy group of students who work together to form the school council and represent to their peers.  The council is elected; with each form group voting for their chosen representative in an election which takes place across the school.  

In the first meeting of this academic year, many issues were discussed; including uniform, sports facilities in school, extra-curricular activities, books we would like in the library, activities and competitions that can promote our school PRIDE values and earn points for our House Teams! 

St Clement’s school council has enjoyed great success in the past which has benefited many throughout the school.  Such as securing the use of the village hall for break and lunchtime as an additional space to buy food and to eat, and securing funding for the complete renovation of the toilets throughout the school, as well as giving their seal of approval on some of the new PE uniform.

Our council work on behalf of the student body to ensure that they are happy here at St. Clement's and most importantly, to ensure their voices are heard!