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St Clement's High School


PE Curriculum

Curriculum Intent

Physical activity is a critical life-skill which will impact on an individual’s health and well-being. Our curriculum is designed around highquality experiences in a varied and broad spectrum of physical activity and sport. Students are encouraged to find an activity that engages, challenges and inspires them to participate in a ‘life-long’ active pursuit. Students experience a variety of roles such as official, coach & choreographer and are given the opportunity to develop their Leadership skills through the Sports Leader Award. As our student’s progress, they should be able to participate, organise, lead active learning challenges and be confident in accessing physical activity outside of school


Our aim is to provide a supportive atmosphere, promoting and enhancing students’ experiences and enthusiasm for physical activity. Students should experience & develop their core skills & fitness which apply across the range of activities. Students gain knowledge in the key theoretical aspects of the subject which will enable them to lead an active healthy lifestyle.

Our curriculum for Physical Education aims to ensure that all students

  • Experience a large range of activities to inspire an active life-long participation
  • Become and remain physically active
  • Have the opportunity to select and study the subject at GCSE level
  • Are able to fulfil their potential in any given activity or sport
  • Develop the confidence & knowledge to access physical activity and sport outside of the school environment

Subject content

Students are taught to develop their fitness & core skills and apply these effectively in both competitive and performance based activities. They will develop their ability to evaluate and improve performance increasing their proficiency in ever more challenging situations.


Students are encouraged to participate in recreational activity, alongside intra & inter school competitions. Students have access to a wide range of clubs and competitions throughout the year and their success is celebrated at the Annual Sports Awards Presentation Evening.

Career opportunities

Physical fitness & health are crucial to all aspects of life. There are many opportunities to pursue a career in the field of physical activity:-

  • Leisure Management
  • Physiotherapist
  • Professional Sportsperson
  • Sports Scientist/Consultant
  • Coach/Personal trainer ‚óŹ Diet & Fitness Instructor
  • PE Teacher