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St Clement's

High School

Student Council

Here at St. Clement's we have a busy group of students who work together to form the school council.  It is divided into a KS3 and KS4 school council; this is to ensure that all students are suitably represented according to their different needs as they grow throughout their years at St. Clement's.

The KS3 school council is an elected group of students with two councillors representing their form groups.  Meetings are held once per half term, and discuss a range of issues that matter to the students across the whole of KS3.  

The KS4 school council operates on a voluntary basis, rather than being elected; we do have representatives for most forms across KS4 but all forms are represented by our dedicated members!   Issues the KS4 council are currently working on are to secure a deal for hot drinks in school a very popular matter for many in the school community.  As well as discussing fundraising opportunities and considering how facilities in the school, such as the library, can be improved for everyone.  

Both our KS3 and KS4 councils have had great success which has been enjoyed throughout the school.  Such as securing the use of the village hall for break and lunchtime as an additional space to buy food and eat, and securing funding for the complete renovation of the toilets throughout the school. 

Both our KS3 and KS4 school council are working on behalf of the student body to ensure they are happy at St. Clement's and most importantly, to ensure their voices are heard!