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St Clement's High School


English Curriculum

Purpose of our study

English at WNAT enables students to effectively communicate with the world around them culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually. Students should acquire, apply and develop their knowledge, building on what they already know. With enquiring minds, students passionately express themselves with confidence through speaking, reading and writing. Our English curriculum allow students from WNAT to participate fully as a citizen in our society and wider world.


Our aim is to provide a supportive and inclusive atmosphere, allowing students to access a challenging curriculum of knowledge and concepts when studying English. This conceptual curriculum is designed to develop pupils' sense of English as an academic discipline by linking its abstract frames and metaphors to concrete examples within challenging texts. Each concept is foregrounded, introduced and exemplified using extracts drawn from both fiction and non-fiction, before being explored in a longer key text, and then revisited to develop a deeper, more nuanced understanding. Concepts can't be separated from each other and taught in isolation, but we are able to foreground each one in turn so that it can be explored and exemplified thoroughly, enabling pupils to develop their own complex schema about English as a subject over time.