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St Clement's High School


The Mathematics Department has 5 groups for each year group, being taught by a dedicated team who are enthusiastic about the achievements of the students.

ALL students are expected to come to lessons fully equipped, as this will enhance their learning.

The equipment required is:

  • 2 Pens
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Protractor
  • Pair of Compasses
  • Scientific Calculator

We would also recommend coloured pencils/pens and highlighters.

For students in Year 10 & 11 we also suggest that they have a revision guide appropriate to the course that they are following and that they bring this into their lessons.

All these items can be purchased from the school shop.

Key Stage 3 maths

Mathematics at KS3

Students in Year 7 & Year 8 are primarily taught in mixed-ability groups. Students are seated in groups of 4, which are also of a mixed-ability. It is widely known that children develop at different rates and this is especially true when it comes to a child changing from a Primary school environment to a Secondary school one. Allowing students to work together and share their learning and experiences helps to remove any stigma of being poor at Maths and the peer support is vital in allowing the students to develop their Mathematical language. Students follow a curriculum, which builds over the 2 years, leading into being placed in one of two tiered levels during Year 9, the commencement of Key Stage 4. Teaching styles will vary throughout this period and students are encouraged to explore different ways of interpreting their Mathematical understanding. Assessment of students’ progress is made approximately every half term.

With the changes that have been made to the Mathematics curriculum, which affects both Primary and Secondary at the same time, we will use the analysis of the assessments as an indicator of the intervention that will be provided for students , as appropriate. While some students in Year 7 may feel that they are being re-taught topics that were covered in Primary school, not all Primary schools have covered all the topics that have been brought down into the Primary curriculum and to the depth of understanding required. For these reasons, these students need to ensure that they have the depth of knowledge that their class teacher will require them to demonstrate.

Students in Year 7 & 8 are signed up for the TT Rockstars challenge. This requires them to practise their timetables. During form time they do the multiplication sheet and during their Maths lesson they do the division sheet. Students are also expected to engage at home through the online arena. After each half term the progress is analyses and tutor groups find out who the best in their group is and who has made the biggest improvement. By the end of the academic year the best in each tutor group will play against each other in a final showdown, to identify who is the TT Rockstar “Rock God”.

The link to TT Rockstars can be found here: TT Rockstars

Key Stage 4 maths 

Mathematics at KS4

Year 9 students complete the curriculum from Key Stage 3, where they are then assessed at the end of the first term, when students are selected for either the GCSE Higher Tier or Foundation Tier course. Students who are selected for the Higher Tier course are placed into specific groups. One group will have students who wish to study Maths at A’ Level and/or are predicted to achieve a grade 8/9, this group will also be studying GCSE Further Maths to provide them with the skills to transfer smoothly onto A’ Level Maths. The remaining Higher Tier students will study GCSE Maths with the aim of achieving at least a grade 6.  

In Year 10 students will be assessed within the first term to ensure that they are in the correct Tier for the remainder of their GCSE course. In Year 11, students will continue to follow the GCSE Maths course at either the Foundation Tier or the Higher Tier. Students in the top Higher Tier group will also be studying GCSE Further Maths qualification to provide them with the skills to ease their transition to A’ Level Maths.

Throughout Year 11 students will be assessed on a regular basis, where they need to demonstrate that they can improve their results by approximately 20 marks each time (equivalent to one grade). By the time they sit their Pre-Public Exam, they should be comfortably within their expected grade, or better.