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St Clement's

High School

Y8 Options

At St Clement's we are committed to all students achieving the best they can while at the school.  At Key Stage 4 this means students leaving with 5 or more good (9-5) GCSEs and at least 8 GCSEs or equivalent qualifications.  We offer an extremely wide range of subjects for study in Years 9, 10 and 11, and so it is important that the right decisions are made to allow appropriate pathways into further education and employment.

Every student will follow a core curriculum of English, Mathematics, Science, Religious Education and Physical Education throughout Key Stage 4, although in Year 9 there will also be some additional core subjects.  This will account for about 60% of the teaching time.  The remainder will be selected from the subjects in the following pages.  These subjects include both traditional GCSE options as well as vocational ones.

This is a fantastic opportunity for students to begin to take control of their future; however we also realise that although this may be straightforward for many, it can also be quite overwhelming.

There is a vast range of guidance and support available to help you if you become  confused  or concerned about potential choices.  The booklet, which will be given out after half term, is a good starting point but you will also have an interview with your parents and your tutor at a mutually convenient time.  There will be a further chance to discuss your choices with a teacher of the subjects that you are considering.  Also refer to your progress in subjects so far by looking at your on-line report. 

It is not always possible to accommodate all selections.  We have to maintain reasonable class sizes and also try to work around “clashes”.  As a result we ask you to indicate other courses you might consider.  For some students it may be necessary to use these courses and so they must be subjects in which you have an interest and ability.
Please find below the Year 8 Options booklet to help you make your choices and the options form to complete and hand to your tutor.
Other Useful Information:

A list of useful websites for further independent information on choosing GCSE options and future career choices. 

Which University – GCSE Choices Explained

Career Pilot – Good Explanation of GCSE Choices

Plotr – Detailed careers quiz

National Careers Services – Good for online chats and telephone support

Icould –Range of videos, careers quiz, good detail on different careers

Help You Choose – Norfolk County Council support website for careers and option choices

Careers Advice for Parents – good independent information for your parents to help you choose your GCSE options

Still unsure what you want to do when you are older?  Remember it is not important to know what you want to be, however the website below offers some good advice and is well worth a visit. It is a very detailed careers quiz.  It will ask you questions about yourself and judge your responses on over 700 careers!  It will take at least 40 minutes, but don’t panic; you can save your work and go back to it at a later date.  

The Game - Plotr Careers