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Ofsted, PupilPremium and Performance Information

On this page you will find key information regarding school performance.



Ofsted - Raising Standards, Improving Lives 

Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. They are responsible for: 


  • maintained schools and academies, some independent schools, and many other educational institutions and programmes outside of higher education
  • childcare, adoption and fostering agencies and initial teacher training


  • a range of early years and children’s social care services, making sure they’re suitable for children and potentially vulnerable young people


  • publishing reports of our findings so they can be used to improve the overall quality of education and training.
  • informing policymakers about the effectiveness of these services

Ofsted’s role is to make sure that organisations providing education, training and care services in England do so to a high standard for children and students.

ofsted Inspection reports  

Please click on the links below to view the latest Ofsted reports and other key information regarding the schools previous activity, reports and ratings.

Ofsted Reports
Ofsted Inspection Report 2017

Additional Information can be found be clicking on the link below:
Ofsted - School Activity, Reports and Ratings

Performance information and GCSE results  

Please click on the links below to view information regarding the school performance the schools performance:

GCSE Results Analysis 

To find out more information regarding the schools performance and to view the schools Achievement and Attainment Tables please click here

Pupil Premium 

What is Pupil Premium?
The pupil premium is additional government funding given to schools to help them tackle problems faced by socially disadvantaged children and to close the attainment gap between those children and their peers.  Schools are free to use the pupil premium as they see fit but are accountable for how they have used the additional funding to support low income families.

How is Pupil Premium allocated?
The main basis of allocation is an amount paid in respect of each child known to have been eligible for free school meals at any time during the last six years.  The principle behind this is that as a group, children eligible for free school meals have consistently lower educational attainment than those who have never been eligible for free school meals.  In addition, amounts are paid for looked after children who have been in care for more than six months and for children whose parents are currently serving in the armed forces.

Success Criteria and Monitoring
To ensure the effective use of Pupil Premium we monitor progress made in literacy, numeracy and writing by free school meals children compared with progress made by all children.  This information is included in a termly report submitted to the Governing Body and scrutinised in detail by a Governor working party.

Pupil Premium Strategy and Impact Statements
To view the latest Pupil Premium Strategy and Impact Statement please click on the links below:

Year 7 Catch Up  

The literacy and numeracy catch-up premium gives schools additional funding to support year 7 pupils who did not reach the required levels in  reading or maths at the end of key stage 2 (KS2). 

All schools have to report on how this money is spent, as well as the impact of the premium to those pupils who are eligible.

Please click on the links below to view the latest reports on how the fund was allocated:

Additional Information/useful links 

To view further information regarding Ofsted, School Performance Data and Attainment please click on the links below:

School Performance and Attainment Tables
Ofsted Data Dashboard

parent view 

Parent View gives you the chance to tell Ofsted what you think about your child’s school, from the quality of teaching to dealing with bullying and poor behaviour. The survey can be completed at any time; you don’t have to wait until the school is being inspected.

Please click on the link below if you wish to give your views.

Parent View

Learner Support Fund  

What is the Learner Support Fund?

The Learner Support Fund is a discretionary source of financial help available to all registered full time Academy students. The aim of the Fund is to help students who have difficulties in paying for:

  1. Curriculum trips, visits and year group residential.

  2. Uniform or sports kit.

  3. Other materials or equipment required for their academic studies.

  4. Expenses to attend seminars, interviews or work experience placements

  5. Music lessons

Payments from the Fund are discretionary and if awarded do not need to be repaid.

The Academy will consider requests for Learner Support funding from the following groups of students:

  • students living alone outside the family home
  • students in receipt of free school meals
  • students in families with very low incomes
  • students with disabilities
  • students who are or have been in care
  • Students whose parents are experiencing temporary financial hardship which has led to a temporary reduction in income.

Your Children MAY be eligible for assistance from our Learner Support Fund fund if:

  • You are in receipt of child benefit for the children


  • You are receiving one of the following three benefits to support your income:
    • Income Support
    • Income-based Job Seekers Allowance
    • Child Tax Credit
    • Working tax credit


  • You are receiving one of the following three benefits as your ONLY source of income:
    • Widowed Mother’s Allowance
    • Incapacity Benefit
    • State Pension Credit


  • You are experiencing a reduced income as a result of temporary financial hardship such as illness or caring for a relative.

Proof of Benefit is required. Proof must be in letter form and supplied with your application:

  • Proof of benefit must have been issued within the last six months
  • Proof must show the family address given
  • Proof must be included with the application
  • Bank Statements, incapacity, housing and council tax benefit are not valid proof.

Letters of Proof of Benefits can be obtained from:

  • Inland Revenue Child Benefit Office 0845 302 1444
  • Inland Revenue Tax Credits 0845 300 3900
  • Jobcentre Plus 0845 604 3719
  • Migrant Helpline 020 8774 0002

How to apply to the Learner Support Fund

An application should be made to the Headteacher Mr Nigel Willingham. The application will remain confidential and will be considered by the Head Teacher given their knowledge of the student’s circumstances.

If approved by the Head Teacher the application will be passed to the Principal Finance Officer for final approval of the payment.

The payment will be made only in the following ways

  • For assistance with uniform purchase the Parent will be advised of the amount awarded and contacted directly by the school shop to arrange purchase.
  • For all other expenses the payment will be made through the school internal financial system or by receipt of invoice for goods purchased.

A student may be able to apply for Learner Support funding at any time during the academic year. It may also be possible to apply more than once, but usually only where circumstances have not changed. Only one application per type of assistance eg uniform, or trip assistance will be considered per year. Students will be granted no more than one application for non UK residential trips during their entire registration with the School.

Students cannot appeal a decision not to award a Learner Support funding as the Headteachers decision is final.


Completing The Application Form: 

Please complete and return  form A, along with the appropriate specification form, this will relate to the type of support you are applying for, and ensure that you have provided the necessary supporting documentation.

Please send the form along with any supporting evidence to:

Finance Department
St Clement’s High School
Churchgate Way
Terrington St Clement
PE34 4LZ

By hand – Front Office

For enquiries call – 01553 828648