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St Clement's High School


Music Curriculum 

Music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity”


It is my strong belief that all students should be given the opportunity to take part in all forms of musical activity, encompassing the interlinked strands of performance, composition, listening and appraising, in order to express their own creativity and to appreciate and interact with the myriad of different cultures around them.


The vision for my department is to allow the students to experience a full range of musical styles and genres, linking the more familiar to the unknown, exploring through performance, composition and listening, discovering the use of music in different forms of media and in everyday life, linking to different subjects across the curriculum including how events in history, developments in technology and exploration of the world have changed and enhanced the music of today.


The students are encouraged to become curious, resilient and reflective learners, developing their rehearsal and performance skills both on their own and as active members of ensembles, analysing and critically evaluating the effectiveness of their own performances and compositions, as well as how music can create and enhance a wide variety of emotions. Students experiment with different styles and genres within performance and composition work, using their listening and analysis skills to enhance understanding of how a range of influences have impacted different musical styles from a variety of cultures, and gaining a deeper knowledge of the wealth of musical experiences available to them.