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St Clement's High School


MFL Curriculum 


Within the MFL department, our aim is to share our love and passion for languages. We believe that learning a language is hugely important, whatever a student's ability, and we aim to provide all our students with the key skills that will help them to discover more about French and/or Spanish and be successful, not only in their language learning but also throughout their school career and beyond. We want students to be enthused by learning a language and share our passion; a language offers the opportunity to be inquisitive about other countries and cultures, but it also requires students to be determined, resilient and independent whilst allowing the opportunity to utilise and improve these skills to become successful learners.

The themes throughout our curriculum are based on daily life and real world scenarios, which are interesting, relatable and useful to students. We will equip them with the skills required in Grammar, Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening for further studies or the skills they need to use French or Spanish in conversation, especially if they are lucky enough to have the opportunity or the desire to travel abroad.

Learning a language unlocks so much opportunity in the world and within a person. It offers a new way of thinking and the opportunity to experience other cultures without the need to travel.