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St Clement's High School

Knowledge Organisers

Every school day, you should study 1 to 2 subjects from your knowledge organiser for homework lasting at least 1 hour in total.

There  is space in the booklet  for you to record the subjects you have studied to make sure you are giving equal time to all of them and your parents are requested to  sign off your homework each evening when you have completed the tasks.

You will need to bring your Knowledge Organiser to school every day as it will be checked regularly during form time and you will be regularly tested on the knowledge contained in the booklet during lessons and through quizzes on Show My Homework.

Please click on the links below to view the current Knowledge Organiser for your year group:

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Autumn 2021 Autumn 2021 Autumn 2021
Spring 2022 Spring 2022 Spring 2022
Summer 2022 Summer 2022 Summer 2022