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St Clement's

High School


Homework is an important part of the curriculum for all students. It provides valuable opportunities for extension, reinforcement or preparation work and also encourages independent learning. Teachers enter the homework on the site Satchel:One (formly Show My Homework) so that students and parents can see what work has been set and when it needs to be submitted. 

Please click here to visit Satchel:One, you will need to login to see your son/daughter's homework that is set for them specifically. 


Key Stage 3

To supplement our new curriculum in Key Stage Three (Year 7 – 9) we have made positive changes to our Key Stage Three Homework policy.  Whilst structured homework will be set occasionally by subject teachers, students will be required to complete weekly tasks set by their maths teacher on Hegarty Maths, record their independent reading and develop their study skills using our new termly Knowledge Organiser booklets. 

The booklets contain the core knowledge of everything learnt at school each term, independently studying this content will help students to learn and understand what is being taught in their lessons.  This works on the principle of ‘sticky’ knowledge; the more students know and can recall, the better the new knowledge will ‘stick’. These booklets will also develop good study habits for a lifetime of learning.

We expect students to spend at least an hour every school day studying one to two subjects.  In the booklet they bring home, you will find a homework log on pages 6 and 7.  Students are required to record the subject they have studied each day and we request that you counter sign the record.  This should help students study a balance of subjects. 

The introduction of our Knowledge Organisers will be supplemented in school by a focus on different study and recall methods.  Subject teachers will conduct regular low-level testing with students to aid their recall and assess understanding of subject knowledge. 

A new booklet will be issued at the beginning of each term up to the end of Year 9.  As they are issued, the booklet will be published on SatchelOne (formly Show My Homework) by tutors, please refer to this if you need an additional copy as you will be able to print out from here. Students will be required to refer to these booklets in lessons, therefore after using each night for Homework should return them to their school bag. 

Key Stage 4 

Students in Key Stage Four in line with their syllabus requirements, subjects will set weekly Homework for each subject.