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St Clement's High School


Geography Curriculum 


Learners will develop a knowledge and understanding of the place in which they live and how it fits into regional, national, continental and international Geography. They will be able to ask Geographical questions about physical and human landscapes which they will be able to answer using physical and human processes. They will have an awareness of global issues including those facing the environment and be able to make decisions to help shape global futures.

Purpose of study

  • To inspire a curiosity about the world through an awareness of places, people, resources, environments and the challenges faced within it.
  • To ensure pupils are globally and environmentally informed through developing knowledge of human and physical geography and its interrelationships.
  • Develop a broad understanding of the UK and wider world, which provides knowledge of a diversity of cultures, religions and viewpoints.
  • Develop geographical skills using maps, GIS, graphical and numerical analysis and interpretation.
  • Learners should develop spatial awareness through geographical skills.

KS3 Curriculum

At KS3 the underlying learning should be on physical knowledge of places at all scales and the development of the building blocks needed to successfully think in geographical terms (interrelationships and coexisting of human and physical elements).

This will be achieved through undertaking a wide range of topics, each of which will include both physical and human elements.

Geographical skills should be developed though maps, atlases, GIS, numerical/graphical skills and fieldwork studies.

KS4 Curriculum

Learners will continue to develop the common themes, concepts and skills by building on the work completed at KS3.

KS4 learners will broaden the depth and content of their studies and topics will be more defined as human or physical.

Opportunities to develop and interlink the distinct areas of study will be explored through recall, questioning and discussion.

Geographical skills will be developed further to ensure a high level of understanding of locational knowledge and systems, numerical and graphical analysis and interpretation.

To a large extent KS4 will be focused on outcome at GCSE. Additionally, though the overall intent of WNAT, is to provide pupils with a broad knowledge of geography, which will enhance their futures in all aspects of their lives.