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St Clement's High School

Business Studies

Business Curriculum


The Business department offers a varied curriculum providing students with lots of opportunities to develop both academically and personally, whilst providing students with opportunities to gain and enhance vital employability skills. By allowing students to actively engage in a variety of learning experiences, we hope to support all students to develop into well rounded individuals ready for the next step of their academic and career journey.

At SCHS students studying business will develop a range of life skills including: problem solving, independent learning and communication skills whilst instilling confidence in our students to make themselves stand out in a competitive working environment. Students will take a proactive part in their studies by maintaining a good understanding of current affairs and applying this to their studies on the impact of the external environment on business.

Business Studies will also nurture their creative side in developing marketing and promotional campaigns, planning and pitching a business idea whilst also developing their financial acumen when it comes to understanding personal finance in the form of; mortgages, lending, savings and investments.

Each learner is supported to develop an understanding of specific key terms which are deep-rooted throughout schemes of learning. The business curriculum is spiralled from years 10 to 11, to ensure that learners are able to embed a deep knowledge and understanding, over-learning key concepts and terms through mastery techniques.

Learning is then sequenced throughout years 10 and 11 to build on prior learning and skills, becoming progressively challenging and ensuring that students can commit all knowledge to long term memory. All learning is underpinned with regular and thorough assessments to measure progress.

Students will also have the opportunity to partake in employment interviews and hone their CV and interview skills in order to be in a strong position to gain employment or continue into higher education. We believe that at SCHS, Business Studies is a living and breathing subject and therefore as a department we must engage with employers so that we remain pro-active in our subject area. We have successfully partnered with local businesses and are developing links with national business through virtual talks and tours.