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St Clement's High School

Foundation/Higher Grade 4/5 Topics - Maths

Miss Turner has looked through a number of GCSE Specimen Papers and has greated a list of topics that are on both papers. If you want your Grade 4 or better, then the following need to be learnt!!

Factorise and expand, including expanding a quadratic


Area & Perimeter, including writing an expression & circles

Probability, including Frequency Trees

Pythagoras’ Theorem


Angles and shapes


Re-arranging formulae

Error Interval (Bounds)

Scatter Graphs

Real-life Graphs

Flow rate for Volume of prisms

Fractions & comparing fractions

SDT& other compound measures

Coordinates and midpoints

Grouped Frequency Tables & Averages

Prime Factor Decomposition


Inequality notation and number-lines

Percentage of a percent.

Below is the revision timetables for both Foundation and Higher Calc.