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St Clement's High School



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Succeed in the Challenges       -


Are you ready........

  • For a challenge?
  • To try new things?
  • To demonstrate commitment?
  • To show you are ready for the next academic year?
  • To celebrate your success?

Clemcredible is designed to encourage you to contribute more to your local community and your school – and not just in lessons!  This is a reward programme, designed to reward you for the steps you take, encouraging you to go above and beyond!

Throughout the programme you will be rewarded, at the end of the challenge if all has been completed you will be rewarded with the satisfaction of completion and a further reward (TBC) 

Your challenge - Although you can achieve different levels of reward along the way to be CLEMCREDIBLE complete ALL the challenges in the booklet and submit it alongside a detailed scrapbook and signatures of proof of your challenge achievement, but...

You can only be Clemcredible if …

  • You achieve ATLs and Homework ATLS of 1s and 2s.
  • Your attendance needs to be above 95% from Spring 2 ‘19 – Spring 2 ‘20*
  • You have met and achieved each challenge to a high standard as agreed by Mrs Towle.

*Long standing medical issues taken into consideration with this.

For Further information please click on the links below:

CLEMCREDIBLE Tasks at a Glance:

Independently complete a creative project – suggestions provided – creativity could include music, art,English or drama

Taking an active role in being a School ambassador and lead others, during parent’s evening, sports day, transition day or marketing days

Participating in an extra-curricular activity in School or outside club activities – x20 times

Mental Maths
TT Rock Stars! - Become a ROCK GOD by practising and knowing your mathematics times tables.

To make progress across the curriculum.  Have green ‘RAGS’ rating on over 80% of your reports.  Present the ways you have achieved this.

Act or speak for your form/house/year group in an activity – sports/ educational/ assembly.  Or support departments around the School as ambassadors.  

Look at your local area and create a project looking at the History and Geography of your home village/town. When studying WW1 and WW2, show off your families talents, by bringing in (or adding to your project) some family history of this time.

Show off your talents! Have your work displayed around the School in at least three different locations

Set a target and reach it!  Be it an improvement in ATL/lesson contribution/behaviour outside the classrooms/listening in lessons.  These need to be agreed with your teacher and reviewed at ticked at least 5 times across KS3

Complete 1 task associated with the British Values – share your work with your tutor, through a presentation or a poster 

Local Impact
Make a difference in your local community!  By participating in a village event or raising money for a charity 

Celebrate different cultures and ethnicity, either by shared research or going on a School trip and creating a report on your findings.