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St Clement's

High School

KS4 Maths

 Mathematics at KS4

Year 9 students complete the curriculum from Key Stage 3, where they are then assessed at the end of the first term, when students are selected for either the GCSE Higher Tier or Foundation Tier course. Students who are selected for the Higher Tier course are placed into specific groups. One group will have students who wish to study Maths at A’ Level and/or are predicted to achieve a grade 8/9, this group will also be studying GCSE Further Maths to provide them with the skills to transfer smoothly onto A’ Level Maths. The remaining Higher Tier students will study GCSE Maths with the aim of achieving at least a grade 6.  

In Year 10 students will be assessed within the first term to ensure that they are in the correct Tier for the remainder of their GCSE course. In Year 11, students will continue to follow the GCSE Maths course at either the Foundation Tier or the Higher Tier. Students in the top Higher Tier group will also be studying GCSE Further Maths qualification to provide them with the skills to ease their transition to A’ Level Maths.

Throughout Year 11 students will be assessed on a regular basis, where they need to demonstrate that they can improve their results by approximately 20 marks each time (equivalent to one grade). By the time they sit their Pre-Public Exam, they should be comfortably within their expected grade, or better.